Frequent Client Questions

If any of these look familiar, please do not hesitate to contact Higher Ed Hustle. We’re happy to help and more than willing to provide a free initial consultation to get a better understanding of your unique circumstances when it comes to college savings and student loans! 

Why did my income based payment more than double, but my salary didn’t?!

How much am I allowed to contribute to a 529 on an annual basis without incurring a tax penalty? 

Are 529s the only option for higher education savings? I’m worried my kid might not be the college type! 

When should I start saving for my child/loved one college costs?

How can I avoid taking out student loans?

If I have bad credit, what are my options for refinancing/consolidating my loans? 

The IRS sent me a letter saying that I claimed a credit for college costs that I shouldn’t have – what do I do?!

What should I do if I can’t afford my private student loan payment without defaulting?