Financial Flex

Stretching Your Budget
Achievement – If you’re a tracker of health habits (or need an incentive to start) – check out this app for an extra source of income to throw at that student loan balance or just to supplement your income! It seamlessly syncs with apps such as Fitbit, Apple Health, myfitnesspal, and underarmour map apps.
Dosh – EFFORTLESS = link your cards and be done with it for things you’re already spending money on restaurants (including local joints), clothes, coffee… and DRUMROLL …………. SEPHORA!

Drop – Another effortless option if you really want to double up on the extra dough! does NOT REQUIRE RECEIPT SCANNING. HEH has had accounts linked for more almost 2 years without any instance of fraud. A safe & easy way to cut costs on things you’re already spending money on including: transportation (Uber & Lyft), coffee (Dunkin & Starbucks), and again – SEPHORA! 🙂 Get a head start on your cashout with the $5 bonus using our link!

Ibotta – The receipt scanning and launching of amazon shopping trips from the app can feel a little arduous, but if you’re willing to take the time once a week this can be a lucrative effort

Debt Management
Juno – crowdsourced interest rate negotiation – They do the heavy lifting with lenders for you!

Wealth Building and Management
Blooom (401Ks & Roths) – common myth that you can’t save or retirement while paying on your student loans is BUSTED. Don’t waste money on fees or energy on managing this important investment yourself!

Fundrise – Can’t afford real estate because of your student loans? No prob – Become a Commercial real estate investor for as little as $500 and pay zero advisory fees for your first three months using this link.

Status – Platform that enables everyone to anonymously compare their finances with people like them (age, geography, income level, etc). Follow us @HigherEdHustle 🙂

Business Owners/Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Intuit QuickBooks – Easily manage your expense tracking & mileage for business purposes. Never leave money on the table due to annoying record keeping or poor memory recall.

Square – On the go transaction processing & appointment booking

If you’re interested in becoming a formal referral partner, please utilize the contact form to get the ball rolling so we can give you a shout out on our site!

Higher Ed Hustle is particularly  interested in partnering with the following types of local business to best serve clients:

  • Divorce Lawyers
  • Business Lawyers
  • Student Loan Lawyers
  • FAFSA Preparers
  • Credit Counseling Agencies
  • Admissions Counseling/Assistance
  • Non-tax preparation accountants
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