Ok, but how?

At Higher Ed Hustle we aim to do a few things REALLY well, instead of offering a bunch of services that you’ll get mediocre value from. Our premier service is an analysis of your student loans & taxes. On average, HEH recommendations saves student loan debtors $225,000 in their lifetime.

We’ve found this to be most beneficial for the following individuals with student loans:
– Recent graduates within their 6-month grace period 
– Newly employed/promoted individuals
– Individuals preparing for “qualifying life events” such as marriage and/or children
– Parents looking to help a child navigate a financial landscape different than their own and/or with a goal of being a released co-signor to the student loans

  • Student Loan Repayment and Tax Strategy Analysis  
    • Payoff Estimation and Lifetime Savings Calculation
    • Refinancing/Consolidation Analysis
    • Repayment Plan Recommendations
    • Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness consult (if applicable)
    • Tax Preparation based on analysis

Is there a prospective college student in your life? Don’t worry we can put in touch with some of the BEST folks in the WNY area that have really cracked the code on navigating the such a crucial decision in your life. In the mean time be sure to check out our guidance and resource pages.